Enabling access to institutional investors.

By tapping into Canada’s institutional investor market, domestic and foreign alternative investment funds can expand opportunities for growth.

Robson can enable access to this important segment of investors. Robson acts as an Exempt Market Dealer, or EMD, for numerous multi­billion dollar US and Foreign asset managers.

Robson is currently registered as EMD in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and Nova Scotia, and can become registered automatically in other provinces as required.

Robson provides dedicated and responsive client service that meets regulatory standards, and is fully compliant. We execute:

  • Know­Your­Client (KYC) documentation
  • Anti­money laundering (AML) accountabilities
  • Suitability, where applicable

Robson provides these services at a competitive fixed dollar amount per subscriber regardless of the size of the subscription.

If your US or Foreign Alternative Investment Fund could benefit from access to Canadian institutional investors, contact Robson for more information.