Enhanced access to a greater pool of investors can be a critical element of any investment vehicle’s growth strategy.

The interest in private investments has never been greater. Both institutional investors and the IIROC dealer channel present attractive new market opportunities for exempt products.

Robson Capital Management can facilitate access to these markets, and help bridge the gap:

  • Between US and foreign alternative investment funds and institutional investors;
  • Between private investment vehicles and the IIROC dealer channel

US and Foreign Investment Funds EMD:

As an independent funds management firm, Robson (est. 2003) helps both domestic and foreign alternative investment funds gain access to institutional investors through its Exempt Market Dealer “EMD” status.

RBS/Connect Fund Services:

Private investment vehicles that want to sell their product through the IIROC dealer channel must be available to advisors via FundSERV. Robson helps facilitate access to this channel through its Ontario designation as a Registered Investment Fund Manager, and streamlined access to FundSERV through the Robson platform.